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Maui beach vacation club reviews - Those words seem to mislead most people. A beach vacation is easily understood as a getaway on or near the beach. Accommodation can be hotels, apartments, motels or even timeshare. We have all seen these beach hotels on the beach at the beach! Even staying with friends or family members near the beach can be considered a "beach vacation"! But add 'luxury' to the same sentence, and most people think about the expensive resorts located on the exotic secluded beach with extra service and maui beach vacation club facilities.

All-inclusive resort, perhaps, that caters to couples on honeymoon or families who have activities planned for them! Luxury means extra comfort and activity that should not include a regular beach vacation. Some examples are golf, massage, parasailing and even gambling! And then there's the beach itself. Some beaches are soft, white and powdery. Some are soft and pink. There's even a black beach. Most are grains of brown sand for those of us who do not live in tropical paradise! Now fill it all in the color of the sea (blue, green, turquoise or everything!) And the words 'luxury beach holiday' starts with you!

Here are some examples of luxury beach vacations that you can enjoy with a luxury resort travel membership for beach vacation :

1. RHC / Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace Casino in Bahamas. Here is the description: Bouganvillea bright flowers seem to cover the island. Nassau is an ancient English harbor dotted with beautiful pastel-colored houses. Find Bay Street's international stores on traditional horse-drawn carriages or directly on the pink sand from Nassau's super beaches. RHC / Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace offers a variety of sun and surfing activities, squash, badminton and tennis courts.

Expedia gives this accommodation 1 week in July at $ 1,556. This room goes for $ 630 through a famous luxury travel membership that really makes a mark in the travel industry and has been around for 22 years!

2. Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort in Aruba. Here is a description: Aruba's white sand beaches and stunning blue and green waters are undoubtedly the fantastic backdrop for your unforgettable vacation at Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort. At the site enjoy a challenging nine-hole golf course or in the neighborhood you can enjoy water activities during the day and casinos and live nightlife. Let the resort restaurant prepare your meals when you visit with friends and resort guests. Visit the harbor which is five miles to shop or see what's in the harbor. You will surely enjoy your stay in sunny Aruba at Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort.

Expedia offers this accommodation in July for 1 week for $ 1,822! You can get a 1 bedroom unit (maximum four) for $ 799 for the same week! Wow! That's $ 1,000 in savings!

3. The resort at Cocoa Beach in Florida. Here is a description: Caribbean charisma sets the tone for an enjoyable vacation at The Resort on Cocoa Beach. The resort is right on the popular Cocoa Beach; pure Atlantic water is waiting for you.

An Expedia list with this resort for 2 bedroom (max 6) rooms for $ 1890 for 1 week in August. Luxury travel membership gives this room a list of $ 689 per week.

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