how to organize kitchen cabinets martha stewart

Kitchen is the most important room in your home. But most of the time kitchen is one of the places which gets easily decluttered and will make you uncomfortable. Leave alone the kitchen table and kitchen floor; Kitchen cabinets are the place which gets easily disorganized. This place will carry lot of expired food and spice items and it is often health hazardous too. This makes organizing your kitchen very important.
how to organize kitchen cabinets martha stewart

What is the reason that one need to keep his or her kitchen organized. If you do not organize and keep your kitchen you will be spending time every day searching things, which is required when you are cooking. It will also contribute to saving your fuel. Not only that, it will also help in keeping your environment clean and tidy. When you are organizing your kitchen cabinets you need to follow some basic steps.

1. First thing, you need to remove all the items from your kitchen cabinets.

2. Remove all items like food or spices which have expired date and cannot be used anymore.

3. Group related things together to the extent possible, like spices can be kept together.

4. By doing this you will get lot of unused or not required items, which you can throw in the dustbin.

5. Clean the cabinet and wipe it off using a wet cloth, if it is detachable cabinets it is good idea to keep it in the sunlight for some time.

6. You can place the grouped food items and spices and also you need to label them. Place these items in the kitchen cabinet.

7. Kitchen tools deserve a separate place. Items like knife, bottle opener etc need to be kept separately.

8. Utensils, glass and crockery items need to be kept separately.

9. If possible you can add a storage pantry where you can keep your food items.

10. Once all these are done, clean your dustbin and throw the content from your kitchen.
organize kitchen cabinets martha stewart

Smarter way is to attach a list of content of your cabinet to your cabinet door. This will really save time when cooking your food and will help you to know where the items are when you need it. If you feel that organizing a kitchen is a difficult task, then you can go to maid service who is professional workers who can do this job for you. They are not that expensive but will really do a good job. By using a maid service, you will basically have more time to do other jobs. Cleaning kitchen is truly an important job from the health perspective.